Old tins

For years we have kept nails, screws and washers in a series of old tins. It was only when I was recently searching for a particular size of nail that I really looked at the tins. Here we have Elastoplast, some form of Pastilles, Rinstead ( for sore gums and mouths ) and, best of all, Horlicks Tablets.

Drill bits are contained in a series of bicycle repair set tins, which will be the subject of a future installment. Mark your diaries.


Some excellent investigative work by Mr BC as follows:

Intrigued by unidentified pastille tin. Turns out these were Allenbury's Pastilles, Glycerine & Blackcurrant (made by Allen and Hanburys, absorbed by Glaxo in the 50s). Still made and available in Switzerland: http://www.pastillesforless.com/GrethersHistoryPage.html - they even use the same tin design but with less rust.

I have sampled horlicks tablets. Yummy. Still available in 'Other Countries'.

Thank you Mr BC. He even provides a link to an unstained example of the appropriate tin compared to my rather sorry example: