Translink Safety Bus

Closer inspection did not reveal what aspects of safety were addressed by this vehicle, so here are my suggestions for Translink safety tips:

  1. To avoid physical damage to one's body, do not attempt to squeeze into the seats on newer buses if one is taller than one meter.
  2. To avoid physical damage to one's body, disregard point 1 if the ex-Glaswegian driver screams "GO TO THE BACK AN' SIT DOON".
  3. Never leave a clear line of sight to the windscreen, to avoid being catapulted through it when the driver decides to deploy his binary-braking foot ( ON or OFF ).
  4. Always descend double-decker staircases backwards. This is safer and confuses the driver as he is accustomed to hearing people falling down the stairs as he accelerates towards the stop.