Wifi Technical Troubleshooting

A reader writes:

Dear Sir,

My laptop contains a Broadcom 4312 wifi mini-PCIe card, but I find its performance to be erratic and frustrating. It frequently freezes after downloading about 100MB of data and sometimes it cannot see IPv6 packets!

I have spent much time tweaking driver settings to no avail. Can you suggest how I might improve its performance?

Dear Reader,

I suggest the following steps.

1. Replace the chip with an Intel 4965AGN card.
2. Place Broadcom 4312 on a wooden block.

3. Obtain a hatchet.
4. Don safety goggles.
5. Strike the Broadcom device with a hatchet until it is rendered inoperable.

 6. Congratulations, your Broadcom wifi will not perform more reliably and consistently.

Please note that this advice holds for any other Broadcom circuitry which you might encounter.