Coaching in the 80s

A couple of blurry snaps from the Panasonic 35mm compact that accompanied my teenage years. Posting these images as I haven't found any pictures of these two particular vehicles online; perhaps they will be useful to someone.

Wallace Arnold Volvo B10M with Plaxton Paramount body. E310 UUB, parked outside the Burlington Hotel in Ostend in 1988 on a Three Capitals tour ( Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels ).


This was the trip on which I ate lunch with my mum in a rather capacious restaurant in Paris known as the Moulin Rouge. Later I discovered that it was not famous for its lunches.

Ulsterbus Leyland Leopard with Alexander X-type body. ROI 135 parked outside Ards First Presbyterian Church in Francis Street, sometime between 1988 and 1990. Awaiting its contingent of LOL or Black Preceptory adherents for onwards conveyance to The Field.


Not quite sure how I managed to frame so much of the junction and so little of the bus...