Autumn in Northbrook

Today I took a walk northwards along the Grove forest trail towards Buffalo Grove. My original intention was to cut westwards to Palwaukee Airport to watch the aircraft, but I found that to be impossible without walking miles more and then backtracking.

No matter, it was a beautiful day, accentuated by the colours of the autumn trees.

Looking north-west over the Des Plaines River soon after having crossed Willow Road.


A cricket happily churring away to his colleagues / rivals. Look at the length of those antennae!


The picnic area in Prospect Heights looking more like a movie scene of New England


And upon my return journey, a snapshot of a young and nervous deer who didn't have the courage to cross the path in the footsteps of his father. At this point of the day the trail was becoming quite busy with cyclists, hence his hesitance.