Orange is not EE

Allegedly Orange and T-Mobile merged to form EE.

In actual fact, the T-Mobile network ID was adopted for the new operation. So if you have a phone that was locked to Orange it won't work with a new EE SIM. Which is unfortunate, because for contract renewals they are now issuing EE SIMs...

Options were:

1. Pay Orange £20.42 for the privilege of releasing your phone, that is now two years out of contract, so it may continue to work on 'their' network with the SIM they sent.

- or -

2. Edit /efs/nv_data.bin to flip the network-lock bit.


Not only were EE / Orange unhelpful on their phone, they also claimed the SIM wouldn't work because the phone didn't support 4G. So, incompetence, greed and lying all in one call. Well done!

Guess which option we chose? Total cost: 15 minutes of my time and now *#SIMLOCK# says: