Perspective Control 1: Swing

Experiments with a Mirex tilt-and-shift adapter.

First Experiment: Swing ( lateral tilt )

The red wool indicates the focal plane. Mamiya 80mm Macro at f/4.

No swing

The near-side of the red Transit and the front frille of the green SAAB are in focus. The Euclid lorry is beyond the plane of focus.


Swing 5 degrees right

Place the focal plane along the near-side of the Euclid. Part of the front-right wing of the SAAB is just within focus.


Swing 5 degrees right

Place the focal plane perpendicular to the chassis of the Euclid; only part of the cab is in focus. The focal plane also intersects the rear body of the Transit but the SAAB is completely out. I only noticed later that I had bumped the Transit slightly and knocked it out of alignment with the other photos.