Miles Aircraft factory Newtownards

As seen from Scrabo in August 2015, looking south.


Began life as an Expansion-era building, possibly workshops, on the RAF Newtownards airfield site and post-war was occupied by Miles Aircraft which may have added the four smaller bays to the left of the photo ( notice the change in brickwork ) as well as extensive office units around the periphery, which have already been demolished. There were plans for further expansion until Miles' liquidation in 1948.

Not long for this World now, the building is due to be demolished as part of the redevelopment of the Marm site ( aka Crepe Weavers ) as an 'exciting' retail, business and residential mini-village.

Planning permission was renewed in July 2015 and final clearance is likely to start in early 2016 with the remainder of the site having already been cleared. The reason the factory has survived this long is explained by a 'DANGER ASBESTOS' plaque on one door.