B&CDR Ards Station Wall

As far as I know this wall is the sole surviving remnant of the original Newtownards railway station, which was located on what is currently the site of the Ards Shopping Centre in the north-west area of the town. This is the view looking north-east from Circular Road just outside the Strangford Arms Hotel, which apprropriately began life as the Railway Hotel.


The wall is constructed from a mixture of yellow and pink Scrabo sandstone but is in a deteritorating condition; not only is the old mortar failing but the stone itself is splitting as a result of hydrological action, a common problem with that type of stone. This shows the north side of the wall, the 'other' side to that in the photo, which is in the worst condition due to the prevailing NW wind in Ards.


The first station had a short life, from 1851 to 1860, before being bypassed by the extension of the line to Donaghadee at which time a new station was built on high ground to the north of the town, out to the right of this photo and passing the old station to the north ( background of the photo ) on a major embankment. The site of the first station was sold back to the Dickson family who re-integrated it into their rose-nursery business, which spread over many fields in this part of the town.

Apparently much of the timber used in the old station buildings was sold to a local Minister for construction of new church halls, but I haven't yet determined which. Meanwhile users of the railway grumbled about the inconvenient location of the new station as they plodded up the North Street hill...