EGAA Freighter Schedule

EGAA Freighter Schedule

Last updated 2019-01-28. Times are Aldergrove local, approximate per observed movements. Seasonal and ad hoc services not included.


Operator Callsign Type From Arr Days For Notes
AWC 2C B734 EGSS 01:45 Tu We Th Fr Sa RM
SWN 502 ATP EGNX 02:00 Tu RM?
NPT 01D B734 EGNX 02:15 Tu We Th Fr Sa RM
BCS 2874 B734 EGNX 04:00 Mo DHL Occasionally op by B733
SRR 6978 B762 EGNX 04:00 Mo UPS
REV 51A F406 EGNX 04:15 Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su TNT?
SRR 6978 B762 EGNX 05:30 Tu We Th Fr UPS Occasionally routes EDDK-EGNX-EGPH-EGAA
BCS 2406 A306 EGNX 05:50 Tu We Th Fr Sa DHL
SWT 2BF E120 EGBB 06:00 Tu We Th Fr FedEx Alt c/s SWT8006. From LFPG instead at peak periods
NPT 01F B734 EGNX 07:10 Su RM
BCS 810P A306 EDDP 17:50 Mo Positioning. Alt c/s BCS861P
NPT 01B B734 EGNX 21:40 Mo Tu We Th Fr RM
AWC 2A B734 EGSS 22:00 Mo Tu We Th Fr RM
LOG 59HC SF34 EGPH 23:15 Mo RM


Operator Callsign Type To Dep Days For Notes
AWC 2D B734 EGSS 02:20 Tu We Th Fr Sa RM
SWN 501 ATP EGNX 02:45 Tu RM?
REV 51B F406 EGNX 04:50 Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su TNT?
BCS 2876 B734 EGPD 05:10 Mo DHL
BCS 870P A306 EDDP 17:00 Sa Positioning. Occasionally departs on Su instead
NPT 01A B734 EGNX 19:30 Mo Tu We Th Fr RM
SRR 6977 B762 EGNX 20:00 Mo Tu We Th Fr UPS
SWT 1BF E120 EGBB 20:30 Mo Tu We Th FedEx Alt c/s SWT7006. Directly to LFPG at peak periods
TAY B734 014F EGNX 20:35 Mo Tu We Th Fr TNT
BCS 2407 A306 EGNX 20:45 Mo Tu We Th Fr DHL
NPT 01E B734 EGNX 22:10 Sa RM
NPT 01C B734 EGNX 22:30 Mo Tu We Th Fr RM
AWC 2B B734 EGSS 23:00 Mo Tu We Th Fr RM
LOG 777 SF34 EGPH 23:55 Mo RM

Based aircraft

Additionally the TAY B734 lies-over during the weekend to operate the Monday evening departure. Occasionally the BCS A306 likewise remains for the weekend.