Gaggle of Ha

Despite the bitter, unfortunate and public break-up of Lisp Machine ( described as their "Pink Floyd moment" ), the musical creativity of the band-members could not be suppressed and they were soon drawn back together by the forces of rhythm to form a new band.

Composed of the same individuals, but freed from the self-imposed constraints of the previous band, Gaggle of Ha exploded onto an unwitting public by hijacking the Coldplay set on the evening of 6th November 2011, the occasion of the MTV European Music Awards in Belfast. Having locked the members of the headlining band in their caravan, Gaggle of Ha launched into a 90-minute extravaganza of musical styles of such eclectic arrangement that the only sensible comparison was with the trail-blazing Amonullunoma of the early 1990s.

Riding on the wave of publicity from this event the band were quick to issue their first album, SILT, which bassist The Temple described as "not so much an album as a musical cluster-bomb". Success was sure to follow...


Asked to explain the meaning of the band's name, front-man James Mac said only "It's the plural of hum. Now piss off."

Barely had the buzz around their first album reached its crescendo when the band struck in the solar plexus with SUNDOWNER, a moving transcription of the emotions created by the slow descent of autumn into winter. "It's like a transporter accident fused Shatner and The Shamen" wrote NME.


The momentum did not relent. NEPHOLOGY introduced the band's growing fanbase to experimental instruments such as the bandolom, consisting entirely of elastic bands strung over open-mouthed metal vessels.