Hide new Yahoo Groups 'cover page' image

One of the dubious design decisions inherent in the new Yahoo Groups interface is a massive image, 1000 x 250 pixels, as the header to each group. This is called the 'cover page' and serves no discernable purpose other than taking-up the top third of every page.


Using Firefox it is straightforward to hide this image, using CSS overrides in userContent.css ( in your Firefox profile chrome/ directory ):

If you don't have a userContent.css file, create it and insert the following. Otherwise just append it to the contents of the file.

  @-moz-document domain(groups.yahoo.com) {            .group-img-container, .groups-img-wrapper, .subnav-refresh, .subnav-middle, .subnav-refresh, .cover-photo-holder {                    height: 1px !important;            }    }  

Restarting Firefox after making that change results in this:


so one can actually READ the content. How novel!