Swearing without Swearing

The art of indicating disgust, displeasure and derogation has faded somewhat in recent decades with the prevalence of 'coarse' swearing. So here are some words and phrases which you can deploy in general conversation which will raise an eyebrow but not violate any social norms


noun: an individual of distasteful habits

Conjuring images of Victorian graverobbers, the torsolicker is even more depraved; not only violating the slumber of the deceased but doing so for their own questionable motives.


noun: an individual who makes others uncomforable in their presence

Usually somewhat sleazy and forthright. See also: Rikering


noun: an individual of selfish motivations

Combining the mental imagery of a dirt-loving pig and a mangy dog that forages in the street, the swinedog is an individual who can be trusted only to look after themselves, usually to the deteriment of all others. FIlthy swinedog!


noun: exhibiting the behaviours of a swinedog


noun: one who acts impulsively and lacks any foresight of their actions

Not only would the goosebiter fail to appreciate the goose that lays the golden egg, they'd bite it on the posterior and thereby forfeit any potential for future profit from the bird.


noun: a hollow follower of fads and fashion

The gont makes sure he has the right look, but no idea why. He's not really happy, but perhaps if he hangs-out in the right coffee bar people will think he's cool.

Total Bag

noun: falling short of expectations or standard

A Valley-esque construction, reflecting the speakers' disappointment or disgust. Dakota's party was teeming with sleazy old fonglers from up-state. Total bag.


verb: take responsibility for correcting a situation at great personal cost

Only Spock spocked-up and went into the dilithium chamber, knowing that it would kill him. But also knowing that it was the only way to save the starship and his friends.


verb: to leer at younger colleagues, usually from a position of power and authority