Saturday, March 31 2018

Urban watercourses of Ards: Golden Glen River

Tucked away alongside the lane extending from Westland Drive to the Belfast Road is the surface course of the Golden Glen and Whitespots rivers, heading south-west towards the drainage canals.


Difficult to believe that just 50 metres way is one of the busiest arterial roads in the town...

The Whitespots river originates in the Lead Mines to the north of the town and has been culverted to join the Golden Glen river to the north of the Mountain Road. Subsequently the river turns to flow alongside of the Crawfordsburn Road, formerly on the surface at the foot of the front gardens but when the road was widened in the 1970s it was ducted. A hard turn takes it westwards towards the Belfast Road, alternating between surface and culvert.


Some other locations to view the river are at the base of Judes' Crescent ( requires climbing a brick wall! ) and south of the Strangford Arms hotel.

Monday, February 26 2018

Kiltonga Coot


I had to hide behind a tree and even then it didn't come closer than about 10 metres.  […]

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Friday, December 29 2017

Winter daylight


Timelapse camera took a shot every six minutes for 24 hours on 28 December 2017 to create a graphical representation of daylight versus night. Good old pnmscale and pnmcat made assembling them a dawdle. It took longer to label the final image!

Sunday, November 12 2017

Tastes like Summer


Well us 'early Seasoners' are into Winter now, but it briefly looked and tasted like Summer this afternoon. Only 41 days until we're on the bouce back to Summer, though.

Monday, November 6 2017



As the shoppers push their trolleys naively around the aisles of Tesco, a seething angry yellow Moon rises over the consumerist landscape. This will be the night that they will be consumed, the Moon avows.  […]

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Monday, October 30 2017

Canal egret


A long-shot of one of the pair of egrets that live around the canal at the back of Londonderry Park in Ards. They seem to roost in the trees in the park. They are very skittish and fly-off when anyone is close enough to make eye contact. That's a 100% crop off the camera as a result, no scaling  […]

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Friday, October 13 2017

Jiggly lightworms


An Austrian Cessna Citation Mustang on approach to Aldergrove around 21:30, rolling and yawing a fair bit in the wind! 180-second exposure at f/8.0 and ISO 250

Saturday, October 7 2017

Rover 2000


This flawless Rover 2000 was parked across the road for a few hours. DLN indicates London North-West registration. The P6, of which the 2000 was a variant, was produced from 1963 to 1977. This is a post-1970 model with the facelifted plastic grille. It was the Middle-Management Executive Saloon of  […]

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Friday, September 29 2017



Somewhat disappointed that it wasn't le langage de programmation commun conçu pour d'affaires ( LPCCPA )  […]

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Monday, August 7 2017

Spider versus spider


For some reason I had assumed that spiders would refrain from homocide, but it seems that anything's fair game.  […]

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Saturday, August 5 2017



A quick pencil sketch of G-PDGT lifting from Ards... of course not, edge-detection and then colour-inversion. Something a bit different.

Wednesday, August 2 2017

Colours of Summer


Green leaves, grey skies, charred and rusting Clio. Lead Mines, Newtownards.

Sunday, July 30 2017

Old Leather


My favourite boots just before being boxed-up to return to the Alt-Berg factory for resoling. Of course I should have sent them in May when it was dry and Sunny, not during the height of Summer when it is wet and boggy underfoot.

Tuesday, July 4 2017

Banana cloud


There have been some weird and whacky clouds this 'Summer' so far but this is one of the oddest. An arc of rain approaching.  […]

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Windowsill RTA


By the time we were passing the rider had either been taken to hospital or had fallen off the windowsill-cliff.  […]

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Sunday, July 2 2017

Tower found


Ah there is it. Spitfire PR.Mk.XI G-MKXI, in its original markings as PL965 as which it flew 75 hrs 25 mins in 33 operational reconnaissance sorties from 1944. Struck-off in 1947 and transferred to the Royal Netherlands Air Force with whom it served as a technical instruction airframe before  […]

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Tuesday, June 27 2017



So that's what Scrabo Hill looked like before 1857. Cloud down to 400ft this morning.

Sunday, June 4 2017

Reflected bow


This was just visible to the eye and by pushing the colours and underexposing a little it can be seen in a photo too. Some sort of reflection of the bow, perhaps two or three times, within the main arc.  […]

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Friday, May 26 2017

Static Swallow


They do eventually stop, just for a few seconds. A brief early-morning repose on the apron fence at Newtownards airport.

Monday, May 22 2017

Grate of the County Down


County Down Pattern. I wonder what distinguished this from, say, the Country Antrim? Integrity and strength? Or slots large enough to permit disposal of spent pill-packets, perhaps. Houston & Hamilton Belfast Foundry 1896. Their main business was spinning-works ironmongery so these grates seem  […]

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