Monday, May 15 2017

Cable Ghost


A big sheet of decorator's polythene became trapped on our electricity cable and danced merrily in the wind. Eventually it became tired and slipped from the cable to the neighbour's tree, at which point we grabbed it, stamped on it and shoved it in the bin. None of that rauncy dancing welcome here  […]

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Saturday, May 13 2017



What rebellious Matchbox cars do at night.  […]

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Tuesday, May 9 2017

Hot gas


Reaction shot of A319 G-EUPO going overhead out of the City airport. Quite by accident the contrail as backdrop was just right to show the efflux from the port engine, which is unusual to see in flight. Passing about five miles below the contrail of an eastbound Singapore Cargo 747.

Friday, May 5 2017

Road Boat


Caught through a pane of gruby double-glazing... I know little about water-vessels other than that they float by some form of magic. What are those markings on the hull? Some form of harbour-registration? Googling reveals nothing.

Wednesday, April 26 2017

Secrets of the knitting basket


Ah, so that's why they're so keen on going to Knit & Knatter...  […]

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